Herron Faculty Teaching Residency at the Faculty Crossing

Herron faculty and teaching staff of all rank and appointment are invited to share their work and teaching practices and philosophy at the Crossing during a semester-long residency. The resident’s work, or their students’ work, is displayed in the Crossing. In addition, the resident hosts two Teach Talks which describe their high impact teaching practices and philosophies. The Teach Talks are open to the entire campus. The resident is chosen by the Dean of Herron and supported by the Forum Fellows. 

Current Resident:
Karen Baldner, Spring 2022

The Faculty Crossing presents Teach Talks with book artist, papermaker and printmaker, Karen Baldner. Karen is this year’s Herron Faculty Teaching Resident at The Faculty Crossing. She will talk about teaching strategies from her art practice that can be brought into classrooms of other disciplines.

Register below to join Karen in person on April 7 at 4 p.m. at the Faculty Crossing!

Register to attend in person on April 7


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